Think Differently

Our initial and signature project, Delta High School, is a unique collaboration between the Kennewick, Pasco and Richland School Districts; Battelle; Washington State University Tri-Cities; Columbia Basin College, and the Washington State STEM Education Foundation to offer this highly-personalized STEM education program. 

Delta is a small, public, high school for students of all academic levels and interests, who want be immersed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning experiences. With no special admissions requirements, any entering 9th-grade student from our partnering school districts can apply.

The Delta approach is changing education. Partnerships with local STEM professionals allow Delta students to connect academic learning to the world beyond the classroom. Learning parallels how scientists, engineers, and mathematicians conduct inquiries and solve problems.

Delta High School participated in its first state-mandated testing in the Spring of 2011. While we recognize that test scores are not the only measure of student success, Delta’s scores were outstanding. Student growth at Delta is proving that a STEM-focused education can positively impact every student, in any classroom, throughout Washington state. 

Delta High School HSPE Scores - 2013-2014

  Delta High School Washington State
Reading 94.2 82.9%
Writing 91.3% 85.6%
Science - Biology 96.4% 70.3%
Math Year 1 82.8% 58.4%
Math Year 2 80.9% 53.4%


*In 2013-2014, the EOC Math II exam was administered only to students who did not previously pass the EOC I exam.  In prior years, all students were tested, regardless of past performance.
As a designated Innovative School, by the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), Delta High School  will not only transform the way STEM subjects are taught in the Mid-Columbia, but will also be a cornerstone for future economic growth and development.