Washington State STEM Education Foundation Development Committee

The purpose of the Development Committee is to strengthen the Foundation by providing the necessary resources to support the Board’s goals and vison. By providing financial resources to support STEM projects and programs, the Development Committee is committed to the quality and sustainability of STEM education in  Benton and Franklin Counties.

The Development Committee is made up of business leaders from large and small companies and organizations who believe a STEM literate population is vital to the future of our communities and our state. Our job is to design and execute programs for the development of financial resources, including campaigns, fundraising for annual operating support, gift acceptance and disposition, planned giving and special events.

We also evaluate private, state, local and federal fundraising opportunities, as well as engage in marketing activities that generate non-financial resources.

If you share our vision for a brighter future through STEM education, please contact us. You can strengthen the Washington State STEM Education Foundation in many ways, including financial support, fundraising opportunities, and/or becoming a member of the Development Committee.